U.K. Airspace policy – SA response

Sustainable Aviation – the coalition of UK airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers and the air traffic service provider, which works to deliver cleaner, quieter, smarter flying – welcomes the publication of the Government’s airspace policy.

Ian Jopson, Chair of Sustainable Aviation said: “We welcome today’s announcements from the Government on airspace modernisation and the NPS. We fully appreciate that growth needs to be delivered with the minimum impact of aircraft noise disturbance and emissions that contribute to climate change and local air quality.

“Airspace modernisation plays an central role to deliver our Noise and Carbon Road-Maps which show how future improvements in the years to come and enable UK aviation growth to be delivered with no further increase in noise and reducing net CO2 emission.

“Modernisation will require the Government’s continued commitment to set out the case for change to secure buy-in from local communities. We are committed to playing our role.”

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