Key Facts

The global aviation industry produces around 2% of all human-induced CO2 emissions
A UK SAF industry could create over 20,000 jobs and generate £3bn GVA by 2035
The increase in quieter, ‘continuous descent’ arrivals at UK airports over the past two years, reducing noise and carbon emissions
Since 2014, the number of people significantly impacted by aircraft noise around major SA Airports has been reduced by 12,200, this despite a rise in passenger numbers of 13%
Since 2005, UK airlines have introduced more than 470 new aircraft into service representing an investment of over £35bn. A further 360 are on order
The Airbus A350 and Boeing 737‐MAX have a noise footprint that is typically 50% smaller on departure and 30% on arrival than the aircraft they replace
By 2019 in the UK, a 30% growth in passengers was delivered with only a 1% increase in CO2 emissions when compared to 2005.
£22 billion
UK aviation is the third largest aviation network in the world and supports one million jobs and contributes £22 billion a year to the economy
Prior to the COVID pandemic, UK aviation emissions made up about 8% of total UK carbon emissions
In the UK, nearly 3 times as many people are affected by noise from railways and 12 times more are affected by road traffic, than by aircraft