Sustainable Aviation sets out its asks for the next Government

Sustainable Aviation – a coalition of UK airlines, airports, manufacturers and air navigation service providers – has outlined to all the main parties its key policy proposals that will be crucial in achieving a cleaner, quieter, smarter future for the aviation industry.

Ahead of the General Election on 12 December, Sustainable Aviation has asked each party to:

1. Make the UK a world leader in the development of sustainable aviation fuels by establishing a cross-government Office to drive public and private investment into the first commercial-scale facilities, and look at what government incentives are needed to encourage the development of a market.

2. Commit to the effective and timely modernisation of UK airspace that will allow airports to better manage aircraft noise impacts and help reduce emissions.

3. To build on the UK’s proud record of leading international action on climate change, the Government should commit to seeking a stronger global aviation emissions reduction target, which builds on CORSIA, at the 2022 ICAO Assembly, consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement.

If adopted, Sustainable Aviation says they could reduce the industry’s carbon emissions significantly, including sustainable aviation fuels having a net 70% carbon emissions reduction compared to traditional jet fuel, whilst airspace modernisation would reduce aircraft carbon emissions by 10%.

CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, which requires all airlines to offset their future emissions above 2020 levels, is estimated to mitigate around 2.5bn tonnes of CO2 between 2021 and 2035.

Neil Robinson, Chair of Sustainable Aviation, said:

“Aviation brings huge benefits to the UK, supporting1.6m UK jobs, making up to 4.5% of UK GDP and providing a £89bn GVA contribution. But the greatest challenge facing our sector today is our need to decarbonise, particularly in light of the Paris Agreement and the UK’s recent net zero commitment.

“UK aviation has a strong record – having effectively decoupled growth in passenger numbers from growth in carbon emissions – but as an industry we need the right support from the new government.

“Despite a complex and unique set of challenges, net zero by 2050 is possible for UK aviation, if everyone plays their part.

“That is why we have submitted our asks to each of the main political parties ahead of the election If the new Government can support the development of sustainable aviation fuels, implement long-awaited airspace modernisation, and continue to show international leadership at ICAO through to the next general assembly, net zero by 2050 is within reach for our sector.”


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