SAF mandate and revenue certainty scheme

Following measures announced to give UK aviation and the SAF industry the certainty to keep creating skilled British jobs while ensuring air travel is fit for the future, Matt Gorman, Chair of Sustainable Aviation and Sustainability Director at Heathrow, said:

“Sustainable Aviation welcomes this ambitious SAF mandate which will help to deliver at scale a technology vital to decarbonising UK aviation. SAF is a critical component in the industry’s Net Zero Carbon Road Map, representing almost 40% of the carbon reduction that will make net zero in 2050 a reality. 

“To ensure that the mandate is delivering cost-competitive SAF at the volume required, the Government must keep the policy under review and match the measures seen in the EU and US to drive down the cost of SAF, so that the UK can stay a competitive global aviation leader as we continue to decarbonise.

“Government must also act quickly to complete its consultation on a revenue certainty scheme that will accelerate domestic SAF production and make compliance with the mandate easier, so that a decision on the scheme design can be made before the end of the year and legislation for a Government-backed mechanism delivered in the next King’s Speech. We will continue to support the work of the Jet Zero Council to deliver this scheme, so we can secure funding for the first SAF plants here in the UK and kickstart a UK SAF production industry.”

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